Collecting Raw Material

Collecting the Indian breed cow dung from the source and also the necessary materials as per the process

Cleaning and Maintaining

As it will be very raw, cleaning will be necessary and need to maintain the same.

Converting as Products

We have our own formula and process to convert all the materials into our products.

Quality and Hygienic

Our products will not compromise for the quality and produced in a hygienic environment.


CowDung (Goumaya) has been used as a source of energy for centuries. Havana, Vibhuti,Cremations, Cooking etc…

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Mix all the ingredients CowDung, Ghee, CowUrine, Water, Coconot water, Curd, Milk, Jaggery, Banana, Neem Seed as per the formula. Mix and stir well. Wait for 45 days and the Dashasara will be ready to pack and dispatch.

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CowDung to be spread across on the floor into respective pit. Let the CowDung gets dry and wait till 30% moisture in the CowDung. Prepare Jeevamurtua as per the process defined below. Wait for some days. Spray Jeevamruta on CowDung which has 30% moisture. Wait for some more days. Mix Castor seed and Neem seed as per the formula. Wait for 7 to 15 days and Conduct Quality Test as per FCO 1985 Standard. Product is ready to pack and dispatch.
Process of Jeevamruta
Mix all the ingredients Cow Urine, Cow Dung Of Indian breed cows, Jaggery (second quality), Grain flour (powder), soil / mud (locally available), Waste fruits (for making formulation as available locally) as per the formula.

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Cow dung Pot

Cow dung pots are the best biodegradable pots, as the pots are made from natural and pure cow dung of Indain breed cows. It is not only environment friendly also gets mixed with soil very easily like manure and nutrients for plants such as Nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium. 

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Godeepa is made up of cowdung and incense wood which helps to purify the environment with spirituality

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