Gophala-Dashasara.pngPanchagavya based organic liquid manure, which promotes growth of root of the plant and provides immunity in plant system. Suitable for all types of Crops (Short & Long term), Vegetable, fruit and flower.

Ingredients  Purified Cow Dung of Indian breed cows, Urine, Ghee, Milk, Curd, Banana, Jaggery, Water, Tender Coconut Water, neem seeds.
Usage  For all types of crops (short & long term), vegetable, flowers etc.
Net Content  5L, 1L
Expiry 2 years from the date of manufacture
Directions to use Add 1 ltrDashasara to 50 Ltrs of water 
Precaution Not for human consumption
Marketed By Gophala Trust,
Girinagara 1st Phase, Bangalore-560085
100% profit to be utilised to save Indian breed Cows
Vision of Sri Ramachandrapura Matha


Mix all the ingredients CowDung, Ghee, CowUrine, Water, Coconot water, Curd, Milk, Jaggery, Banana, Neem Seed as per the formula. Mix and stir well. Wait for 45 days and the Dashasara will be ready to pack and dispatch.

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