Gophala-Jwaala.pngCowDung (Goumaya) has been used as a source of energy for centuries. Havana, Vibhuti, Cremations, Cooking etc…

Ingredients Cowdung of Indian breed cows, Husk and Dhupa
Usage Used like a wood which can be used as a replacement to handmade Cow Dung cakes.
Net Content 4 pieces
Expiry Can be used up to 5 years
Precaution Not for human consumption
Marketed By Gophala Trust,
Girinagara 1st Phase, Bangalore-560085
100% profit to be utilised to save Desi Cows
Vision of Sri Ramachandrapura Matha


GouJwaala is a product that has been processed by the machine

  1. Collect the cow dung of Indian breed cows.
  2. Mix gauvar gum & dhoop 
  3. Make the dough and put it in the feeder
  4. Press the material with the stick in the feeder.
  5. From the feeding hopper the material (Dough) moves towards the outlet end
  6. The outlet has the die (square shape) through which the briquettes come out continuously. 
  7. The briquettes coming out from the outlet end are collected into trays and left in the sun for drying purpose.
  8. Finally Gojwaala is ready to be sun dried for 7 days.


  1.  GouJwaala gives a little more heat than wood.
  2.  Saves environment by reducing the cutting the trees
  3.  The smoke coming by heating GouJwaala does not harm the environment. It works with the environment instead.
  4. The cows are giving CowDung continuously. So GouJwaala also can be supplied regularly.
  5. Good economic source for farmers who are protecting Indigenous cows.
  6. GouJwaala is better than any of the wooden sticks that are available in the market for Homa Hawana.
  7. Ashes which you get by buringGouJwaala becomes a great medicine, water purifier and also can be used for religious purpose.
  8.  This is the best eco-friendly wood for the corpse.
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