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CowDung pots are the best biodegradable pots, as the pots are made from natural and pure cowdung of Indian breed cows. It is not only environment friendly also gets mixed with soil very easily like manure and nutrients for plants such as Nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium. 

Height –6” Dia: 5” 
Weight – 300 gms

Ingredients Cowdung of Indian breed cows, Gauvar gum as a binder & incense wood powder for fragrance
Usage For nursery
Net Content 1 Piece
Expiry Life: 1 year, After the pot got spoiled it act as a manure
Directions to use
  1. Add soil and seed in the pot. Water twice a day.  
  2. Once the plant is grown, you may bury it in your garden.
  3. The pot decomposes to provide all the nutrients from a cowdung manure
  4. The pots are sturdy, made from pure cowdung of Indian breed cows and no mixture. 
  5. The pots are odor free, natural and no chemicals involved.
  6. Pot can be coloured and use it within home as a flower vase.
Precaution Cowdung has inheritance properties to get shrinked during its process of drying. Hence the height, weight would differ from the production
Marketed By Gophala Trust,
Girinagara 1st Phase, Bangalore-560085
100% profit to be utilised to save Desi Cows
Vision of Sri Ramachandrapura Matha


  1. Collect cowdung of Indian origin breed cows
  2. Mix with gauvar gum, as a binder as per requirement
  3. Make the dough and fill the mould with the dough.
  4. Rotate the handle with manual effort on the dough.
  5. Open the thread, the compressed pot comes out.
  6. Finally the pot is ready to be sun dried for 24 hours.
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