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“Cow is Lakshmi” there is a slogan of “Vidyathe Goshu Sampannam” means we are not feeding the cow, instead of which cow is feeding us:” and in order to achieve the said doctrine and through the achievement itself the main object to teach in the society the Gophala took a motion for the same.

The Trust has been formed in January 2018 with trading of cow based product through sale counter at Sri Samsthana Mahableshwar, Gokarna. The production related activities commenced from July 2018 with the slogan “We don’t rear the cow; cow rears us”.



Srivatsa Hebbar

Srivatsa Hebbar

Office & Accounts Assistant
Usha Shastry

Usha Shastry

Senior executive for Gokarna Counter

Objective of the Trust

Cow is Lakshmi” there is a slogan of “Vidyathe Goshu Sampannam” means we are not feeding the cow, instead of which cow is feeding us:” and in order to achieve the said doctrine and through the achievement itself the main object to teach in the society the Gophala took a motion for the same.

  • Directly or indirectly the product which may come from cow generation will be collected for livelihood, process the same, manufacturing and ensure to reach the same to the people

  • Any product of the Gojanya it may be summoned to increase its value and reach the people

  • Added to the aforesaid subject or without protest preparing any product summon the same to increase its value and made available to the people for using the same

  • The product manufactured by any person or institution in respect of the aforesaid subject matter or without protest Gavya or products of other than Gavya get the same, process, summon the same to increase its value and made available to the use of people

  • Gavya, Gavya products and products other than Gavya about which conducting study, Research, development, increase its value etc., for which to conduct all activities, give publicity to Gavya medicine and marketing the same and maintain the same arranging Gavya Treatment camps at various places.

  • Opening Clinical Gavya Treatment Centers and maintain the same.

  • Gojanya product and similarly other products using the same for livelihood Gas, Electricity can be generated and use the same as alternative power, agriculture, health, cosmetic house hold, religious and other various fields in the life in the manner of useful products manufacturing improve the home use / livelihood products value and provide marketing to them and its collection and disposal work to be carried and in this regard conducting all types of study / survey / research / publicity for which conducting related work and to the aforesaid objects encourage / and give assistance.

  • On account of natural / organic traditional agriculture system giving training / adoption / training / education and for research / publicity giving encouragement / co-operation by taking any kind of steps, the people who are depending upon the agriculture work / industry / activities and taking up encouragement works.

  • Nature / organic / lineal / agriculture system learning / adopting / training / education / research publicity to which giving encouragement / co-operation by taking up such programs.

  • That for agriculture, health, education, science, and about technology conducting special study, inventory, research and other works to be performed and give encouragement / assistance.

  • Arranging public health, Yoga education and training programs also conducting camp programs and giving donation to other institutions who are conducting such programs or giving any kind of encouragement

  • Under Swatch Bharath program for cleanliness all kinds of direct / indirect steps to be takin and in order to safeguard the environment, water, air supported programs will be taken up and to give encouragement for the same.

  • Without any caste / creed / community / language for the use of the people opening educational institutions / maintain the same and the present institution/ other institution’s educational activities to which providing basic amenities and other education useful activities to which giving assistance.

  • Poor talented Gopalak, farmer or rural student and to which for getting education giving guidelines, encouragement, assistance and giving co-operation, that too for eligible poor students by way of money or in any manner of assistance as deem fit.

  • The incapable Gopalak who are in financial difficulties, for weaker section, orphans, and the persons who are in need of help, incapable rural people to whom giving assistance for food, shelter, health, medicine, education, treatment and their other needs, not only that arranging for annadana (meals) program also helping the other institutions which are doing annadana.

  • Arranging evolutionary program for development of rural people.

  • That for the welfare of schedule caste, schedule tribe and other tribal people arranging programs.

  • Arranging any kind of programs / projects for the welfare of society, implement the same for family life happiness conducting necessary programs, arranging programs for self-employment, education.

  • That in the natural calamities that may take place such as earthquake, wind, heavy rains or in any manner that may cause and for which the required food, shelter, medicine and other proper assistance which are required to be provided

  • Indian culture / Literary / Art / Sports protection / improvement / other activities protection of the same / improvement / Research / awareness programs / activities forming the same, implement and for the said purpose providing all kinds of assistance.

  • That in the matter of Indian culture / education / literacy / arts / sports / Philosophy / Yoga / Dhyan / Agriculture / Health / Scientific Researches and in respect of which also publishing other useful books or providing assistance to such publications.

  • Indian Historical customs, matter, philosophical culture, Doctrine and in order to remain the same and protect for which arranging programs also awareness about devotion and historical also social generosity and for which rehabilitation of Shradha Centers / development / renewal / maintenance etc., in all manner helping for the same.

  • That for the object of trust in order to achieve the same arranging programs / work activities and extend the same for which to purchase movable-immovable properties or receiving the same under Gift, get the same on temporary / permanent lease or by way of any other transfer process obtain the same put up buildings or develop the same and such immovable-movable properties through which getting rent, income, earning will be utilized for the objects of the Trust.

  • The objects mentioned herein along with achieving the same and added to the same the income of the trust, earning, savings can be utilized by helping other institutions or the Trust having similar objects or in the interest of general public the service programs that may be arranged by other Trust or any public service institutions or other Trust or Institutions to which as a sponsor encourage / help them by way of donation or in any manner as it deem fit proper.

  • That for the aforesaid objects and in order to achieve the same any supportive programs any be arranged and to achieve the object of the trust the earning savings of the trust also the public contributions duly collecting the same establishing a fund and utilize the same at appropriate time.

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